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1. If a person steals from a Ger and swears falsely and the Ger subsequently dies, if the Ger doesn't have relatives the principle and the fifth shall be given to a Kohen.
2. A boy can only become a Ben Sorer u'Moreh during the first three months after growing two pubic hairs.
3. A Ben Sorer u'Moreh is Chayav from the time he develops two hairs until the Gid is encircled.
4. We follow the majority in capital cases.
5. A girl is old enough for Bi'ah at the age of three.
6. If a person is Mekadesh a woman who turns out to be an Ailonis (who cannot bear children), the Kidushin is retroactively annulled.
7. A nine year old boy is old enough for Bi'ah.
8. Do'eg ha'Adomi lived thirty four years; Achitofel lived thirty three years.
9. Sarah the matriarch had Ru'ach ha'Kodesh.


1. If the Ger was an adult he may have relatives because it is possible that he had children after he became a Ger. If the Ger was a Katan it is impossible for him to have relatives because a Katan can't have children.
2. A boy can become a Ben Sorer u'Moreh from the time he develops two pubic hairs until he is old enough for his wife to be pregnant in an apparent manner (i.e. three months pregnant.) Thus, a boy who has been a Gadol for three months is too old to be a Ben Sorer u'Moreh.
3. If the Gid is encircled with pubic hair, even before three months passed after the boy grew two pubic hairs, he is too old to be a Ben Sorer u'Moreh. After three months he is too old to be a Ben Sorer u'Moreh even if his Gid is not yet encircled with pubic hair.
4. If one witness testifies that an incident occurred on the second day of the month and the other witness testified that it occurred on the third day of the month, the testimony is valid. The reason for this is because the majority of people confuse the date by one day, since they do not always know whether the previous month was thirty days long or 29 days long.
5. Once she is three years old, her father can marry her off by having someone perform Bi'ah with her. If a Yavam lives with her he is Koneh her with Yibum. And if one of the Arayos lives with her he is Chayav Misah.
6. If he specified at the time of the Kidushin that he accepts her even if she turns out to be an Ailonis, the Kidushin remains valid.
7. Beis Shamai holds that even an eight year boy is old enough for Bi'ah, because in early generations a boy was capable of having a child at that age. Beis Hillel says that we cannot compare our generation to earlier generations.
8. Since they were wicked they did not even live half of a full life.
9. That is why Hashem told Avraham Avinu to heed whatever she tells him.

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