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1. Wearing Tefilin on Shabbos is an Isur Shevus d'Rabanan.
2. Rebbi Eliezer warned Rebbi Akiva that he would suffer a difficult death.
3. There is a disagreement whether a leather ball which has a filling is susceptible to Tum'ah.
4. There is a disagreement whether the filling of a leather item which was torn open is a Chatzitzah.
5. There is a disagreement if a new shoe which is completed aside for the removal of an insert is susceptible to Tum'ah.
6. A Ben Sorer u'Moreh is Chayav from the time he develops two pubic hairs until the Gid is encircled with pubic hair.
7. A Ben Sorer u'Moreh is punished for his probable future deeds.
8. Rebbi Chisda says a Ben Sorer u'Moreh who was born from a Katan is not Chayav


1. The Rabanan prohibited wearing Tefilin on Shabbos because of a Gezeirah that a person may forget and wear them when he goes out into Reshus ha'Rabim.
2. Rebbi Akiva was punished for not taking proper advantage of the wisdom of Rebbi Eliezer. Had he done so, he would have learned much more Torah from Rebbi Eliezer.
3. A leather utensil is only susceptible to Tum'ah if it is has a receptacle. The Rabanan say that even if it has a receptacle which is sewn shut, it is not regarded as a receptacle and it is not susceptible to Tum'ah. Rebbi Eliezer disagrees.
4. The Rabanan maintain that a leather item which was torn open is susceptible to Tum'ah since it now has a receptacle and the filling is a Chatzitzah. Therefore it must be removed prior to the immersion. Rebbi Eliezer learns that the filling is considered part of the utensil and it is not a Chatzitzah.
5. The Rabanan say the shoe is regarded as a completed vessel and is susceptible to Tum'ah even if the insert must still be removed, because the removal of the insert is a simple matter. Rebbi Eliezer disagrees.
6. A Katan (who has not yet grown two pubic hairs) is exempt from the punishment of a Ben Sorer u'Moreh. If he grows so many pubic hairs that he is considered close to adulthood, he is also exempt from punishment. (The Din of Ben Sorer u'Moreh only applies to a male, not a female.)
7. That a Ben Sorer u'Moreh ate meat and drank wine is not sufficient grounds to put him to death. He is put to death because eventually he will use up his parents' money. When he no longer has money to support his habits he will stand at the side of the road and rob passersby. The Torah dictates that it is preferable that he shall die innocent rather than guilty.
8. Rabah ,however, says that it is impossible for a Katan to have a child.

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