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1. A Mesis (a commoner who entices people to serve idolatry) is Chayav Sekilah even without Hasra'ah.
2. One who says, "I will worship," or "I will go and worship," or "We shall go and worship<" is a Mesis.
3. There is a disagreement if a Navi who is Mesis is Chayav Sekilah.
4. There is a disagreement if a Medi'ach is Chayav Sekilah.
5. A Mechashef is only Chayav Misah if he performs real sorcery, not just sleight of hand.
6. Both a man and a woman who perform Kishuf are Chayav Misah.
7. Rebbi Yochanan says Keshafim could defy a decree of Heaven.
8. Hilchos Keshafim resemble Hilchos Shabbos.
9. The plague of frogs in Mitzrayim started with just one frog.


1. If the Mesis entices two people he is brought to Beis Din where they testify against him. If he Mesis entices just one, the person he should say, "I have friends who are interested." If the Mesis is afraid to speak in front of the witnesses they may hide behind a fence in order to entrap him.
2. A Mesis is one who he says, "I will Shecht to the Avodah Zarah," or "I will burn incense, or pour wine, or bow down to the Avodah Zarah," or "I will go and do one of these things," or "We shall go and do one of these things.
3. The Rabanan maintain the Navi is Chayav Sekilah. Rebbi Shimon says he is Chayav Chenek.
4. The Rabanan maintain the Medi'ach is Chayav Sekilah. Rebbi Shimon says he is Chayav Chenek.
5. Rebbi Akiva says if two people seem to be picking cucumbers with sorcery, but one of them is actually picking the cucumbers and the other one is only making it look as if he is picking them - only the person who actually picks the cucumbers is Chayav.
6. Rebbi Yosi ha'Glili says that a Mechashef is Chayav Sayif. Rebbi Akiva says he is Chayav Sekilah.
7. It is possible to kill someone with Keshafim even if it was decreed in Heaven that he will live. However witchcraft does not have any power over someone like Rebbi Chanina who had many merits.
8. If someone performs an act of sorcery he is Chayav Sekilah. It is even forbidden to make it look as though one is performing sorcery without actually performing sorcery. However, if one just makes it look as though he is performing sorcery, he is not killed. It is permitted to create an animal by combining the letters with which Hashem created the world while learning Sefer Yetzirah.
9. Rebbi Akiva says one frog gave birth to many frogs which filled up the land of Mitzrayim. Rebbi Elazar Ben Azaryah says that one frog called out to the other frogs which then filled the land of Mitzrayim.

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