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When Klal Yisrael was exiled to Bavel, they wished to abandon the precepts of the Torah. They claimed, if a servant was sold by his master, he no longer has responsibilities to his former master.
2. The verse refers to both David ha'Melech and Nevuchadnetzar as "servants of Hashem."
3. Bil'am was a greater prophet than his father.
4. There is a disagreement if the righteous among the Nochrim merit a share in the World to Come.
5. Midyan and Mo'av were not on good terms. However, they made peace with each other in order to battle with Klal Yisrael.
6. Bil'am was lame in one leg. Shimshon was lame in both legs.
7. Bil'am was able to identify the precise second that Hashem Yisbarach is angry. He attempted to curse Klal Yisrael at that very moment.
8. The emotions of love and hate cause a person to forfeit his honor.
9. A person should always occupy himself with the study of Torah, even if he studying she'Lo Lishmah.


1. Hashem said to Klal Yisrael, "What Get have I given you, or to which of My debtors did I sell you? It was a result of your sins that you were sold and it was your misdeeds that caused your mother to be sent away."
2. Hashem foresaw that Klal Yisrael one day would claim that since Hashem sold them to Nevuchadnetzar they were no longer obligated to observe the Mitzvos For that reason, Hashem referred to Nevuchadnetzar as a servant of Hashem. When a servant buys property, the property belongs to the Master, not to the servant. Consequently, Klal Yisrael remained in the possession of Hashem.
3. The father of Bil'am was Lavan ha'Arami, who was also Kushan Rish'asayim. He confronted Klal Yisrael on two occasions: once at the time of Yakov. and again at the time of the Shoftim.
4. Rebbi Eliezer maintains that only Klal Yisrael merit a share in the World to Come, not the nations of the world. Rebbi Yehoshua says that the Tzadikim among the non-Jewish nations also receive a share in the World to Come.
5. This can be compared to two quarrelsome dogs. One of them was confronted by a wolf. The other dog said, "If I don't help my fellow dog, the wolf will kill him and then he will come back and kill me." Therefore, the two dogs joined forces and killed the wolf.
6. Bil'am was also blind in one eye.
7. Hashem said to Yisrael, "You should be aware of the extent of the good that I do for you: I did not become angry for all of the days that Bil'am attempted to curse you. If I would have become angry during those days, there would have been no remnant left from the 'enemies' of Klal Yisrael."
8. As a result of his great love for Hashem, Avraham Avinu saddled his own donkey on the way to do the Mitzvah of the Akeidah. Bil'am ha'Rasha also saddled his own donkey on the way to meet Balak out of his great hate for Klal Yisrael.
9. As reward for the 42 Korbanos that Balak brought, even though he brought the Korbanos she'Lo Lishmah, he merited that Ruth descended from him.

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