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1. The failure to offer provisions for visiting travelers distances nations who are close to each other. Conversely, providing for visiting travelers brings close those who are far.
2. The Mitzvah of providing food for visitors causes Hashem to look away from the Resha'im. It even causes the Shechinah to be revealed to the prophets of the Ba'al.
3. If Yonasan would have sent David off with provisions, it would have saved the lives of the residents of Nov. In addition, the lives of Doeg ha'Adomi, Shaul and his three sons would also have been saved.
4. The good deeds of a son bring merit to his father. However, the good deeds of the father do not bring merit to his sons.
5. Yehoyakim was given a share in the World to Come. His terrible sins were atoned for when his corpse was not granted burial.
6. Anyone who invites non-Jews to his table and serves them causes his children to go into exile.
7. The Bnei Yisrael cried in the desert on the night of Tish'ah b'Av, upon hearing the reports of the Meraglim.
8. If one causes distress to Klal Yisrael, he will become a leader.


1. Amon and Moav, who descended from Lot, were distanced from Klal Yisrael for failing to offer them provisions in the Midbar. Yisro, who provided for Moshe Rabeinu when he was in Midyan, merited to have descendants who were members of the Sanhedrin in the Lishkas ha'Gazis.
2. Michah was an idol worshipper, but because he provided food for visitors he earned a share in the World to Come. A prophet of Ba'al had the merit of receiving Nevu'ah from Hashem because he provided food for Ido ha'Navi.
3. Since David was sent off without provisions, he was forced to request bread from the Kohanim of Nov. This set off a chain of events: Do'eg said Lashon ha'Ra about David which caused Shaul to kill all the Kohanim of Nov. As punishment for killing the Kohanim of Nov, Shaul along with his three sons were killed by the Pelishtim.
4. Avraham Avinu could not save Yishmael from punishment and Yitzchak could not save Esav from punishment.
5. Rebbi Preida found the skull of Yehoyakim. He tried to bury the remains without success, and eventually the skull was burned by Rebbi Preida's wife.
6. As punishment for hosting the emissaries of Merodach Baladan, Chizkiyahu's descendants were taken as officers in the temple of the king of Bavel.
7. Hashem said to Yisrael, "You cried for nothing. I will establish this as a day of crying for generations."
8. A person who is hostile to Klal Yisrael will never tire.

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