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1. King Yehu was a great Tzadik. Even so, he worshipped the idols in Dan and Beis El.
2. A person who fails to be Oleh Regel transgresses a Mitzvas Aseh.
3. Shechem is a place designated for tragedy.
4. When someone benefits from this world without reciting a blessing, it is tantamount to stealing from Hashem and from Klal Yisrael.
5. Moshe Rabeinu said to Hashem, "The abundance of silver and gold that You gave the Bnei Yisrael caused them to sin!
6. Hashem Yerav'am by his clothing and told him to change his ways. He promised Yerav'am that if he does so, "I and you and Ben Yishai will stroll together in Gan Eden!"
7. The sins of Yerav'am were trivial in comparison to the sins of Achav.
8. Achav merited to be king for twenty two years because he honored the Torah, which was given with twenty two letters.
9. Achav was generous with his money and Talmidei Chachamim benefited from his riches. As a result, half of his sins were forgiven.


1. Abaye says that Yehu's words caused him to stumble, because he said, "Achav worshipped the Ba'al a little and I will worship it a lot." Rava says that Yehu saw that Achiyah ha'Shiloni signed an agreement when Yerav'am initially established the idols in Dan and Beis El and that is what caused him to stumble.
2. Hashem said that the kings of Yisrael were more stringent with respect to their idols than the Torah is with respect to the Mitzvah of Aliyah l'Regel. The failure to be Oleh Regel is only a transgression of a Mitzvas Aseh, but they said that anyone who is Oleh Regel will be put to death by the sword.
4. Dina was afflicted in Shechem. Yosef was sold by his brothers in Shechem. In Shechem the Malchus Beis David was split.
4. Such a person is considered a comrade of Yerav'am Ben Nevat,who destroyed the bond between Klal Yisrael and their Father in Heaven.
5. This is comparable to a lion that roars only when it has meat in front of it, but not when it has straw.
6. Yerav'am asked who will be in front as they stroll in Gan Eden. Hashem answered, "Ben Yishai will be in front." Yerav'am answered, "If so, I am not interested."
7. Nevertheless, the Torah attributed the sins of the kings of Yisrael to Yerav'am because he was the first of the sinners.
8. When Ben Hadad, the king of Aram, defeated Achav at war, among the many things he demanded was a Sefer Torah. Achav responded, "I can do everything you ask, but I cannot give you a Sefer Torah."
9. Consequently, although Achav was an evildoer of epic proportions, he was regarded as a person who had an equal number of Mitzvos and Aveiros.

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