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SANHEDRIN 100 - Dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Reb Naftali ben Reb Menachem Mendel Bodner Z"L by his wife, Alice Bodner. A man who loved Chesed, Tuli Bodner applied his many talents to help everyone he knew in any way he could. His cheerful greeting is warmly remembered by all who knew him. He was Niftar on 5 Cheshvan 5765.


1. Rebbi Papa says, someone who refers to the Chachamim as 'those Rabanan' - is Megaleh Panim ba'Torah.
2. In the future, a stream will flow out of the Kodesh ha'Kodashim, and all types of fruit trees will grow alongside it.
3. Rebbi Yochanan says, in the future Hashem will bring precious stones that are thirty by thirty Amos, and He will carve out of them gates that are ten by twenty Amos high. These will be placed at the gates of Yerushalayim.
4. Rebbi Meir says that in the future people will be two hundred Amos tall. Rebbi Yehudah says that people will be a hundred Amos tall.
5. If a person darkens his face over the Torah in this world, Hashem will grant him a shining countenance in the next world.
6. Hashem will grant each Tzadik a heaping handful of goodness in the World to Come.
7. A person is rewarded measure for measure.
8. A person is rewarded for his Mitzvos with a larger measure than the measure that is used to punish him for his Aveiros.
9. Rebbi says, a person should not make a habit of hosting his friends.


1. Rav Nachman says that one who calls his Rebbi by name is Megaleh Panim l'Torah. Rebbi Yochanan says that Gechazi was punished because he referred to his Rebbi, Elisha ha'Navi, by his name.
2. The leaves of the trees will be used to heal mutes. According to another opinion, they will be used to cure infertility.
3. A Talmid laughed at this, until one day he was at sea and he saw Mal'achei ha'Shares carving precious stones, and they told him that they will be placed in the gates of Yerushalayim. Rebbi Yochanan said to him, "If you had not seen it, you would not have believed it. You are a person who scoffs at the words of the Chachamim." He put his eyes on the Talmid and he died.
4. The precious stones in the gates are only twenty Amos high, not high enough for people who are one hundred Amos tall. These stones will be used for the windows of the gate, not for the entranceway.
5. Anyone who starves himself over the Torah in this world, Hashem will satiate him in the next world.
6. Each Tzadik will be granted 310 worlds in the future.
7. A person who gave a handful of goodness to the poor in this world will be rewarded with a handful of goodness from Hashem.
8. A person is punished for his sins with more than he could handle, but Hashem gives him the strength to tolerate the punishment. If that is true about punishment, then certainly it is true about reward. A person is granted more reward than he can handle, but Hashem gives him the strength to receive it.
9. One should never host friends with whom he has no business. The friends with whom one does have business should be hosted only occasionally. One should get into the habit of meeting them outside of his home.

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