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1. A zealot may kill a sinner who is having relations with a non-Jewish woman. If the sinner is not killed in the act, he will be punished from Heaven.
2. On the skull of Yehoyakim ha'Melech the following words were found to be inscribed: 'this and one more' - meaning that besides suffering the punishment that his skull was not buried, he will be punished further.
3. The Beis Din of Chashmona'im decreed that someone who has relations with a non-Jewish woman transgresses 'NaSHGA' or 'NaSHGaZ.'
4. If a person who witnesses someone having relations with a non-Jewish woman asks the Beis Din if he may kill the sinner, Beis Din instructs him not to kill.
5. If Zimri would have separated from Kozbi before Pinchas killed him, Pinchas would have been Chayav Misah for killing him.
6. Had Zimri turned around and killed Pinchas he would have been Patur, because Pinchas was regarded as a Rodef.
7. Shmuel says: Anytime there is a situation of Chilul Hashem, we do not confer honor to the Rav (but rather we react immediately without consulting him).
8. Six miracles occurred when Pinchas killed Zimri.
9. If a Kohen performs the Avodah in the Beis ha'Mikdash while he is Tamei, the young Kohanim take matters in their own hands and put him to death.
10. If a person who does an Avodah for the Korbanos outside the Beis ha'Mikdash and it is not Shechitah, placing the Korban on the Mizbe'ach or Zerikah, he is Patur.


1. If he is a Talmid Chacham, his punishment is that he will not see Nachas from his son and students. If he is a Kohen, he will not have a son who will bring a Minchah.
2. The skull was found by the grandfather of Rav Preida. He brought the skull home with him. His wife, thinking that it was the skull of Rav Preida's first wife, threw it in the oven where it was incinerated. This was the fulfillment of the second decree.
3. Rebbi Dimi maintains that one who has relations with a non-Jewish woman transgresses laws of *N*idah, *Sh*ifchah, *G*oyah and *E*shes Ish. However, this prohibition is only mid'Rabanan. A non-Jewish woman does not become Tamei from seeing blood, so she is not literally a Nidah. She is not an Eshes Ish since she cannot be wed with Kidushin. And living with her does not involve a transgression of Goyah mid'Oraisa, since he did not marry her. However, mid'Rabanan it is tantamount to transgressing these prohibitions. Ravin holds it is a transgression of *Z*onah, but not of *E*shes Ish, because a non-Jewish woman is regarded as Hefker (since she is not faithful to her husband).
4. Only if someone is zealous for the honor of Hashem, and is ready to kill the transgressor without prior consultation, is he permitted to kill the transgressor.
5. Pinchas was only permitted to kill Zimri if he caught him during the actual act; otherwise it would be considered murder.
6. Pinchas, as a zealot, was permitted to kill Zimri. However since Zimri was not Chayav Misas Beis Din, Zimri had the right to defend himself by killing Pinchas.
7. In order to ensure that none of the onlookers will mistakenly believe that having relations with a non-Jewish woman is permitted, Pinchas did not wait to ask permission from Moshe before he killed Zimri.
8. The six miracles were: Zimri did not separate from Kozbi, he did not call for help, Pinchas aimed perfectly, their bodies did not slip off the spear, an angel lifted the doorway allowing Pinchas to take them out without lowering the spear, and an angel wreaked havoc with the Bnei Shimon so they were unable to pursue Pinchas.
9. They do not bring him to Beis Din. Instead, they take him out of the Azarah and shatter his skull.
10. The Torah is only Mechayev Kares for Shechitah, Melikah and Zerikah. For other Avodos there is no Chiyuv Kares if they are done outside the Beis ha'Mikdash, or by a non-Kohen, or b'Tum'ah, or without one of the four Begadim, or if the Kohen did not wash his hands and feet from the Kiyor before performing them.

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