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1. The Torah prohibits having relations with one's own daughter-in-law, but does not prohibit having relations with the daughter-in-law of one's wife.
2. Although it is not written explicitly in the Torah a daughter from an Anusah is prohibited mid'Oraisa.
3. If a father gives over his daughter for relations, not for the purpose of marriage, it is a transgression of a Lav.
4. Some opinions hold that a father who marries off his daughter to a Zaken or who delays marrying her off after she is of age is in violation of a Lav.
5. A person should not marry off his son while he is still a Katan.
6. It is commendable for a person to love his neighbors, embrace his relatives, marry the daughter of his sister and give money to the poor in their time of need.
7. Rava says there is an argument whether a person is Chayav Sereifah for having relations with his mother-in-law after the death of his wife.
8. A person who holds his friend's head under water until he dies is Chayav Misah.
9. If someone strikes his friend with a small metal object and he dies he is Chayav Misah.
10. One who pushes his friend into a body of water which is escapable is Patur from the death penalty if the victim drowned.


1. Having relations with one's own daughter-in-law is punishable with Sekilah, while marrying the daughter-in-law of one's wife is permitted even mid'Rabanan.
2. Abaye says it is learned from a Kal va'Chomer from one's granddaughter and although we don't learn out punishments from a Kal va'Chomer this is only a Giluy Milsa and may be learned out. Rava holds that it is learned out from a Gezeirah Shaveh, while Avuha d'Rav Avin learns it out from a verse.
3. He transgresses the Lav of 'do not be Mechalel you daughter for Znus'. A Kohen who marries off his daughter to a Levi or a Yisrael, is not in violation of this Lav even though he is being Mechalel her temporarily from eating Terumah.
4. Rebbi Eliezer says that a father who marries off his daughter to a Zaken transgresses the Lav of 'do not be Mechalel you daughter for Znus' since it is likely she will be Mezaneh. Rebbi Akiva says that if a father delays marrying off his daughter after she is of age it is a transgression of this Lav.
5. This is because there is a concern that his wife will be Mezanah. However, if the boy is within a year of the age of marriage it is proper to marry him off at that time.
6. The verse says regarding such a person "when he calls out to Hashem he will be answered".
7. Rebbi Yishmael says that there is a Chiyuv Sereifah even though his wife is no longer alive. Rebbi Akiva says that although the person is cursed for this Aveirah he is not Chayav Sereifah.
8. Even though he didn't push him into the water since he did not allow him to lift his head up it is regarded as murder and he is Chayav Sayif.
9. One who strikes his friend with a stone or a wooden utensil and kills him is only Chayav Misah if Beis Din estimates that the object is large enough to be lethal. However, if he punctures him with a metal object he is Chayav Misah regardless of the size of the object because metal of any size can kill.
10. This is not deemed an act of murder since normally one would be able to escape from this body of water.

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