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1. Even when a Jew sins, he is still considered a Yisrael.
2. Achan transgressed all five books of the Torah.
3. Thirty-six people were killed in the battle in Ay as a result of Achan's sin.
4. Yehoshua also took part of the blame for Achan's sin.
5. A person should not bow down or give Shalom to someone he meets at night.
6. Talmud Torah is more important than bringing the Korban Tamid.
7. A person should pray to Hashem before a calamity arises.
8. Rebbi Yehudah maintains that if a person is being put to death by Beis Din and knows that he is innocent, he should say, "My death should atone for all of my sins except this sin."
9. People who testified in Beis Din are never permitted to retract their testimony.


1. This supports the popular saying that a Hadas which is among the thorns is still a Hadas in every way.
2. Achan even covered his Bris Milah and had relations with a Na'arah ha'Me'orasah.
3. Rebbi Yehudah maintains that the verse should be interpreted literally and thirty-six people were actually killed. Rebbi Nechemyah maintains that only Ya'ir Ben Menasheh was killed but he was of equal stature to the majority of the Sanhedrin, which is thirty-six people.
4. Yehoshua was rebuked for having placed a Cherem on the bounty of Yericho, which ultimately caused Achan to sin. For this reason, Yehoshua did not place a Cherem on the bounty of Ay after it was conquered.
5. When a person encounters another person at night, there exists a concern that the other person might be a Shad. It is not permitted to give Shalom to a person at night because Shalom is one of the names of Hashem Yisbarach and the name of Hashem may not be mentioned with reference to a Shad. It is certainly prohibited to bow to a Shad because it would appear that one is bowing to Se'irim. However, a person may give Shalom or bow down to someone he encounters at night if that person mentions Hashems name because a Shad never mentions the name of Hashem. Thus, anyone who mentions the name of Hashem cannot possibly be a Shad.
6. During the siege of Yericho, Yehoshua Bin Nun failed to bring the Korban Tamid of the Bein ha'Arbayim and to learn Torah at night. The angel reprimanded him principally for his failure to learn Torah. This demonstrates that Talmud Torah is more important than bringing Korbanos.
7. If Avraham Avinu had not prayed between Beis El and Ay, Klal Yisrael would have been decimated at the war with Ay. It was only because Avraham prayed for salvation before the danger arose that Klal Yisrael was saved.
8. The Chachamim disagree with Rebbi Yehudah and maintain that this line should not be said. They reason that if a condemned person was permitted to make such a statement, everyone who is put to death by Beis Din would say it and it would cause people to be Motzi La'az on the Beis Din and the witnesses.
9. Once witnesses have testified in Beis Din, they may not retract their testimony even if they give a compelling explanation for why they testified falsely.

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