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1. The Mishnah discusses what is included in the sale of a boat.
2. The cargo boxes, cargo, and sailors are not included in the sale of a boat.
3. Rabah relates two stories that sailors told him regarding massive waves at sea.
4. Rabah relates that he saw a demon perform an amazing feat.
5. This demon was killed later that day.


1. Certain items, such as the sail and the mast, are clearly included in the sale.
2. However, if the seller said that he is selling the boat "and everything in it," they are included.
3. One incident involved a wave saying to another wave that they should drown the world due to all of the sins of its inhabitants. The other wave replied that this is not possible, as Hashem established the beach as the boundary for the waves.
4. The demon, Hurman bar Lilis, was jumping from atop one mule to another (that were very far away from each other, on two different bridges) while pouring -- in midair -- the contents of one cup of wine into another cup. He did not spill even one drop of wine in the process, even though it was a very windy day.
5. Some say that the king of demons was upset that the demon showed off "demon talents" in front of humans. Others say that a human king killed him because he was afraid the demon would try to take away his kingdom.

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