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1. The Mishnah lists more items that are not included in the sale of a field, even when one says, "and everything in it."
2. Rebbi Akiva and the Chachamim disagree about whether the seller must buy a path to get to these items after the sale of the field.
3. Everyone agrees that if he gives the field away as a present, every single item in the field is included in the gift.
4. There is a dispute about what is included when a person consecrates his field to Hekdesh.
5. The Gemara explains why Rebbi Shimon says that the large old trees are included in the Hekdesh.


1. These include: A water reservoir, press, and coop, whether or not they are in use.
2. Rebbi Akiva: The seller must buy a path, as a seller sells with a "good eye" and, therefore, does not leave himself a path. Chachamim: He does not need to buy a path, as a seller sells with a "bad eye" and leaves himself a path.
3. A person who gives a present is very generous and gives everything in the field as part of the present. However, this does not include movable objects that have nothing to do with the field, such as loose money, or even produce that has already been harvested.
4. Tana Kama: He includes everything in the field, similar to a person who gives a present. Rebbi Shimon: He includes only what is included in a regular sale, plus large old trees.
5. This is because they will be nurtured from a field of Hekdesh, and whatever grows from them will subsequently be Hekdesh.

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