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BAVA BASRA 2-8 - Two weeks of study material have been dedicated by Mrs. Estanne Abraham Fawer to honor the Yahrzeit of her father, Rav Mordechai ben Eliezer Zvi (Rabbi Morton Weiner) Z'L, who passed away on 18 Teves 5760. May the merit of supporting and advancing Dafyomi study -- which was so important to Rav Weiner -- during the weeks of his Yahrzeit serve as an Iluy for his Neshamah.


1. If an area is described as a certain type of property, the sale is valid even if the definition is not literal.
2. There is a dispute about whether, when brothers divide inherited property, one brother is entitled to receive a path to get to his portion if the land.
3. The Gemara discusses the case of an orphan who attempts to collect his father's debt and is shown a receipt (that it was already collected) by the debtor.
4. A person who has lived in a city for twelve months must help pay for the expenses of the city.
5. Talmidei Chachamim do not need to pay the tax for protection.


1. For example, if a person sells his "vineyard" and there are no vines currently on the property, it is still a valid sale if it is known as a vineyard. If the seller told the buyer specifically that it has vines, then it is not a valid sale.
2. Shmuel: If they split the estate in such a way that, if one brother would like to enter his field the way his father did (i.e., through what is now his brother's field), the brother does not have the right to use this path. Rav: He may use the path.
3. Rav Chama: We do not tear up the loan document, so that when the orphan becomes an adult he may decide to pursue the case and try to prove that the receipt was a forgery. There is a dispute about whether we rule like Rav Chama or we indeed tear up the loan document.
4. However, if he buys a house in the city, he is considered a citizen immediately and must pay towards the expenses of the city.
5. The large number of merits that they have is enough to protect them.

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