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1. If a person has a pipe dripping water into his neighbor's yard and the other person allows it, he may leave his pipe there (even if the neighbor later objects).
2. In that case (#1), the neighbor can even demand later that the owner of the pipe must keep the water flowing into his yard.
3. If a family has three generations of Torah scholars, it is considered a family to which Torah will always return.
4. A person should not make a new window in his house that overlooks a neighbor's yard.
5. There is a dispute about how much time is needed for a Chazakah to keep a window that overlooks a neighbor's yard.


1. Once the neighbor sees the dripping pipe and is silent, it is as if he gave permission for the pipe to be there.
2. The owner of the yard may claim that the only reason why he consented to the water running from the roof into his yard was because he benefitted from the water. Accordingly, the owner of the roof has no right to take the water away from him.
3. The verse in Koheles (4:12) states, "And the three-strand rope will not quickly become detached."
4. The presence of the window causes harm to the neighbor by taking away his privacy.
5. Rebbi Yishmael b'Rebbi Yosi: When the neighbor saw that a new window faces his yard and he did not protest, the person who built the window there may keep it. Rebbi Chiya: The neighbor has three years to force the closure of the window. Once three years has passed, the owner of the window has a Chazakah.

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