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1. If a person throws a seed into the field of a deceased convert, he does not acquire it, even if it takes root.
2. Shmuel: Pruning branches from a tree of a deceased convert can constitute an act of acquisition.
3. It is possible to discern whether a person cutting off branches from a tree is pruning or just taking branches.
4. Shmuel: Clearing a field of weeds and branches can also be an act of acquisition.
5. Shmuel: Technically, when a person buys a field from a Nochri, the field is ownerless until the Jew receives the bill of sale.


1. In order to perform an act of acquisition on this property, he must not only plant the seed but also cover up the seed with earth.
2. The pruning is a valid act of acquisition as long as it is done with intent to help the tree grow, as opposed to intent to cut off branches to feed to his animals (which just happens to prune the tree as well).
3. When a person is pruning, he takes branches evenly from both sides of the tree. When he is interested only in taking branches (and not in improving the tree), he takes branches from one side of the tree.
4. Here, too, it is apparent whether the act is done for the good of the field or for gathering fuel for kindling. When a person clears both the large and small pieces of wood or grass from the field, he is clearly doing so for the good of the field, and it is considered a valid act of acquisition (if the field was previously ownerless).
5. Since the Nochri no longer claims possession of the field once he is paid, and the Jew wants to acquire the field with the document, the field is technically ownerless until he receives the document. Technically, if a second Jew were to do an act of Chazakah on the field before the buyer receives his document, it would be a valid act of acquisition.

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