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1. A craftsman cannot have a Chazakah.
2. Partners cannot establish a Chazakah on fields that they owned together.
3. A sharecropper cannot establish a Chazakah.
4. A man cannot establish a Chazakah on possessions that his wife brought into the marriage.
5. A father cannot establish a Chazakah on the property of his son.


1. This refers to a craftsman who claims that an object in his shop was purchased from the original owner. If items such as this are commonly taken by him for repair, and witnesses testify that this item belonged to the claimant, the craftsman has no valid claim.
2. Even if one of the partners occupied a field for three years, he is not believed to say that he bought out his friend's share, as it is common for one partner to let the other use the jointly- owned field for a few years, after which the other will take it for a few years.
3. Since he originally came to the field in order to work in exchange for some of the produce, even if he eats all of the produce for several consecutive years, he does not establish a Chazakah. This is because the owner may claim that he sold the rest of the fruit to the sharecropper every year, but he never sold him the field itself.
4. Similarly, a wife cannot establish a Chazakah on the possessions of her husband.
5. Similarly, a son cannot establish a Chazakah on the property of his father.

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