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1. The Gemara discusses the sale of Bar Sisin's property, and whether it included property not purchased from Bar Sisin.
2. Rav Nachman rules that the property belongs to the buyer.
3. Rava rules that the property belongs to the seller.
4. In order for the occupier to have a Chazakah, the original owner must be in a position that he is able to protest against the occupier.
5. Rava rules that a person who travels to faraway lands can negate a Chazakah.


1. The case applies to a person who sold property that he purchased from Bar Sisin to another man. Among the seller's properties was another property known as a Bar Sisin property that he purchased from someone else (not Bar Sisin).
2. If the seller brings proof that he did not purchase this property from Bar Sisin, he keeps the land.
3. Since the property is in the seller's possession, we follow the rule that the burden of proof lies with the person who seeks to take something out of someone else's possession.
4. The way to protest a Chazakah is to say, in front of two witnesses, that he protests the fact that someone is occupying his house, field, etc.
5. A traveler claimed that he did not hear that a person was living in one of his houses, because he was in town for only 30 days out of the year, and during that time he was busy selling his wares. Rava ruled that he is believed that he was unable to protest, and therefore the Chazakah is negated (if he had another place to stay during those thirty days in town).

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