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1. The Gemara suggests why it takes three years to establish a Chazakah.
2. If a person was on his another's land for two years, he must return the land and the fruits he harvested.
3. The Gemara reaches a conclusion for why a Chazakah helps after three years.
4. The three years of a Chazakah must be consecutive.
5. The Gemara discusses who testifies for a person who says that he lived in a house for three years, including nights.


1. The Gemara at first suggests that this is because a person will not necessarily protest if someone is on his land for one or two years, but he will protest if he is there for a third year.
2. Even though the owner does not necessarily protest the presence of another person on his land for two years, he expects to receive the land and fruit back. We do not say that he allows the benefit of the land to remain in the squatter's hands.
3. The Gemara concludes that it is normal for a person to hold on to his ownership document for only up to three years. From three years on, he may use his Chazakah to support his claim of ownership, instead of having to worry about keeping his document for so long.
4. He cannot make a Chazakah by occupying the property for one year, going on vacation for a year, and then occupying the property for another two years.
5. Abaye: The neighbors can testify that he was there at night. Rava: The case is where he rented the house to others who testify that they lived there every day and night for three years.

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