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1. If one buys a tree with the land that it is on, he brings Bikurim and reads the Parshah of Bikurim.
2. If a person buys three trees from his friend, he automatically acquires the land they are on.
3. The Gemara discusses many laws regarding a very small piece of land.
4. There is a dispute about a tree that is half in Eretz Yisrael and half out of Eretz Yisrael.
5. The Gemara concludes that Ula (26, #5) is incorrect.


1. This is because it must be deemed not only his fruit, but also his land, in order to read the Parshah of Bikurim when bringing Bikurim.
2. This is because it is presumed that if a person buys three (but not two) trees from his friend, he is also acquiring the land they are on. If his friend explicitly states that he is not selling the land, the land is not included.
3. It may be used for a Pruzbul, and it is obligated in Pe'ah and Bikurim.
4. Rebbi: All of the produce of the tree is part Tevel and part Chulin. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel: Each fruit has the status of whichever side of the border it grew on.
5. One may bring Bikurim (and read the Parshah of Bikurim) from fruit that is from his trees, even if they are very close to his neighbor's field.

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