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1. The Gemara discusses an exception to the law that one may not open a competing business when such a business already exists in the place.
2. The Gemara qualifies this exception (in #1).
3. Merchants are allowed to stay in a town and sell items as long as they need to collect debts in the town.
4. The Gemara asks about a vessel, made of willow branches, that was swallowed by an elephant and later exited in the elephant's excrement.
5. A person must not lean a ladder against his wall if it leads straight to his neighbor's dovecote.


1. Even though one generally may not open a business in an area where another Jew who resides there has already opened such a business, this does not apply to peddlers who sell perfume for Jewish women. This is because Ezra enacted that peddlers may go from city to city in order that cosmetics will be readily available to women.
2. The peddlers have permission to go from door to door, but not to open a temporary stall in the area. However, if the seller is a Torah scholar, he is permitted to open a temporary stall.
3. They are allowed to keep selling items in order to sustain themselves for as much time as they need to collect their debts in the town. This refers to money due to them for wares sold in this town on credit, and the buyers did not pay yet.
4. Do we considered it like a vessel made out of excrement that cannot become Tamei, or does it have its original status of a vessel that can become Tamei?
5. This is because small animals might climb up the ladder and jump into the dovecote, killing the neighbor's birds. He must distance his ladder four Amos from the dovecote.

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