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1. Yehoshua ben Gamla instituted that teachers in Yerushalayim should teach children Torah.
2. Rav Shmuel bar Shilas taught Torah to children.
3. Rava cites a law that changed due to the institution of Yehoshua ben Gamla.
4. The Gemara discusses the maximum number of children in a class of boys who are learning Torah.
5. There is a dispute about what the most important characteristic of a good teacher is.


1. Before this institution, fathers taught their own children Torah, while orphans did not learn. Eventually, he instituted that a teacher should be available for all six or seven year-olds in every city (not just in Yerushalayim).
2. Rav instructed him that if he needed to hit a child, he should do so only with a shoelace so that it should not harm the child.
3. It used to be that the people of a city could not force each other to pay a Torah teacher; it was up to each father either to teach his child or send him away to learn Torah. Yehoshua ben Gamla decreed that every city must have a teacher, and people of the city may force each other to contribute to this cause.
4. The maximum number is 25 children per teacher. This means that if there are 50 children, they must be split into two classes. However, if there are 40 children, they stay in one class but an assistant for the teacher must be hired.
5. One opinion says that a teacher who covers a lot of ground, even though he is not perfectly precise about the information he teaches, is preferable to a teacher who is very precise but does not cover a lot of ground. The other opinion says that being careful that everything is correct is the most important factor, because otherwise mistakes will stay with the children for their entire lives.

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