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1. A person should not sign his name at the bottom of a blank document.
2. Abaye was aware of this good advice, and, therefore, was able to avoid falling prey to the dishonesty of a Jewish tax collector.
3. Abaye: One should not write the numbers 3 to 9 at the end of the line on a document.
4. Abaye advises what to do if a person has a need to write such a number at the end of a line.
5. A scribe may write a Get -- for a man to be used to divorce his wife -- without the wife being present.


1. If he does, it is possible that an evildoer will find the document and write on the top part of the paper that this person (who signed) owes him money. He will be able to produce the signature testifying to this "fact."
2. The tax collector asked Abaye to sign a document on the pretext of having Abaye's signature in order to exempt from taxes any Torah scholar who had a written letter from Abaye attesting to the fact that he was a Torah scholar. When the tax collector tried to get Abaye to sign at the bottom of a page, Abaye pulled the paper towards him in order to sign instead at the top of the page.
3. This is because these numbers can be changed easily by adding two letters to them, making the number much bigger. For example, "Telas" ("three") can be made into "Tilsin" by adding a "Yud" and a "Nun."
4. He should mention the number again in the middle of the document. This, together with the fact that the deal is summed up again at the end of the document, should be enough to clear up what is really meant even if one changes the number that is at the end of a line.
5. A scribe may also write a receipt for a woman saying that she has received her Kesuvah, even though her husband is not present. This is because her husband will certainly not object to the writing of such a receipt, as it exempts him from any further claims of a Kesuvah.

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