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BAVA BASRA 162 - A week of learning has been dedicated towards meriting a Refu'ah Sheleimah for Eliezer Lipa ben Yetta, by Mr. and Mrs. Kornfeld of Yerushalayim.


1. We do not pay attention to anything written in the last line of a document.
2. The Gemara states a source for this law (#1).
3. The Gemara questions whether a legal document is valid when the witnesses sign in the middle of a line after a blank line.
4. The Gemara concludes that it (#3) is valid.
5. Three Tefachim of air along the length or width of a Sukah can disqualify the Sukah.


1. This is because it is normal practice to leave the last line in a document, between the end of the text and the signature of the witnesses, blank. This law teaches that even if a swindler would want to insert a line between the last line of the document and the signatures, we would not give it any credibility, so there is no reason for him to do so.
2. The source is a Beraisa that says that if witnesses sign after leaving two lines of empty space, the document is invalid, but if they sign after leaving one line blank, the document is valid. The reason for this must be that when there is only one blank line, we disregard whatever is written in the last line in any event, but if two lines are left blank, a person could forge an added line which would be wrongly recognized as valid.
3. The question is whether the last line, which we disregard, is the blank line or is the first half of the line that the witnesses used to sign. If it is the latter, then the document should be invalid, as any part of the blank line can be used to forge part of the document.
4. This is apparent from a Beraisa that says that if the signatures of the witnesses are less than two blank lines from the end of the document, it is valid.
5. However, a Sukah becomes invalid only from invalid Sechach when there are four (not three) Tefachim of invalid Sechach.

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