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BAVA BASRA 161 (8 Tamuz) - The Zechus of today's Dafyomi study is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Moshe Gottlieb z'l, who healed the sick of Jerusalem and Israel with Chesed, on the day of his Yahrzeit. Dedicated by his loving wife, children and grandchildren.


1. If there is an erasure at the end of the document, the document is invalid.
2. If a person signs a document, "the son of Ploni, a witness," it is a valid signature.
3. Many Amora'im used to use a picture or a single letter as their signature in place of their name.
4. The Gemara discusses how to deal with erased writing in a legal document.
5. The essence of the document must be reviewed in writing at the end of the document.


1. This is because we suspect that one of the parties erased and changed the content after the document was finalized.
2. If a person signs his name without stating his father's name, it is also a valid signature.
3. Rav would draw a picture of a fish, while Rav Chiya would draw a palm tree. Rav Chisda would write the letter Samech, while Rav Hoshiya would write the letter Ayin.
4. Before the end of the document, when everything is upheld with the words, "veha'Kol Sharir v'Kayam," it must be written in the document that this erased part is upheld as being authentic. Since this must be written in the document, a person will be unable to erase parts of the document after it is signed, as there will be no space to write that the erased parts were upheld.
5. This is written in the space between the signatures of the witnesses and the end of the document.

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