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BAVA BASRA 16 (11 Shevat) - dedicated by Mordechai and Tzivia Bodner in memory of Tzivia's father, Mordechai Teitelbaum, on the day of his Yahrzeit.


1. The intention of the Satan (with Iyov) and of Peninah (with Chanah) were for the sake of Heaven.
2. There is a dispute about the intentions of Iyov in his laments.
3. The world needs all types of workers, but it is good to be one who has a pleasant job.
4. On the day that Avraham Avinu died, Esav committed five serious sins.
5. When the verse states, "va'Yigva va'Ye'asef" -- "And he expired and was gathered," it refers to a righteous person.


1. When the Satan went to great lengths to prove that Iyov was not so righteous, he did so in order to preserve the legacy of Avraham Avinu in Hashem's eyes. Peninah teased Chanah, even though it made Chanah feel bitterness, so that Chanah should pray more fervently and merit having a child.
2. Some say he indeed was lamenting Hashem's treatment towards him, while others say he was only lamenting the behavior of the Satan.
3. While the world needs tanners and perfume makers, it is much better to be a perfume maker (and have a pleasant smell) than to be a foul-smelling tanner.
4. He lived with a betrothed woman, he killed a man, he denied Hashem, he denied Techiyas ha'Mesim, and he denigrated his firstborn rights (which included being the Kohen in the Beis ha'Mikdash) by selling them.
5. When the Gemara asks that these words (which normally are used only for the righteous) describe the death of Yishmael, the Gemara answers Yishmael repented before he died.

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