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BAVA BASRA 158 - A week of learning has been dedicated towards meriting a Refu'ah Sheleimah for Eliezer Lipa ben Yetta, by Mr. and Mrs. Kornfeld of Yerushalayim.


1. There is a dispute in a case where both a husband and wife died, and it is unclear who died first.
2. Beis Shamai: They (whether they are heirs or creditors) split the total amount of possessions.
3. There is a dispute about the intent of Beis Hillel's statement, "Their property stays in their possession (i.e. status quo)."
4. There are three opinions regarding Beis Hillel's intent.
5. The air of Eretz Yisrael causes a person to become wiser.


1. The heirs of the wife claim that the wife died second, and they, therefore, inherit her. The heirs of the husband claim that the wife died before him, and they, therefore, inherit both the husband (who inherited his wife) and his wife.
2. Beis Hillel agrees with the previous Mishnah (157a), that the property of both parties "stay in their possession." However, what exactly Beis Hillel means by that in this case is unclear (see below).
3. Beis Hillel clearly says that the husband does not have to pay the Kesuvah, and that the wife's heirs retain any possessions she brought with her into the marriage, known as Nichsei Melug, from which the husband only benefitted but did not own. However, Beis Hillel does not say who keeps the Nichsei Tzon Barzel, property a woman brings into her marriage that are used by her husband.
4. Some say that they go to the heirs of the wife, some say that they go to the heirs of the husband, and some say that they are divided.
5. Rebbi Zeira tried to relearn all of his learning when he came to Eretz Yisrael, as he understood that it would give him a new and better understanding.

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