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1. If someone says that a certain person wrote 400 Sifrei Torah, do not believe him.
2. The Gemara relates two derivations from the verse, "Asher Shibarta" -- "that you broke."
3. The Gemara explains why the verse states, "Hashem first spoke with Hoshea."
4. Even according to the opinion that Iyov lived in the time of Moshe Rabeinu, the Book of Iyov is not the first Sefer in Kesuvim.
5. The Gemara discusses who wrote the individual Sefarim of Tanach.


1. A person does not have the time to write that many Sifrei Torah in his lifetime.
2. Rav Yosef: The fact that the verse continues after this verse with, "And you should put them in the Aron," shows that both the Luchos and the broken Luchos were put in the Aron. Reish Lakish: We derive from "Asher Shibarta" that "Yeyasher Kochacha she'Shibarta" -- "Your strength should be enhanced because you broke [the Luchos]" (meaning that it was the appropriate action to take).
3. Even though Hashem spoke with many prophets before He spoke with Hoshea, the verse means that Hoshea was the first of four prophets who prophesized in this time period. They were: Hoshea, Yeshayah, Amos, and Michah.
4. This is because it is inappropriate to start Kesuvim with a Sefer that deals primarily with suffering and punishment.
5. For example, the Gemara teaches that besides writing the Torah, Moshe Rabeinu also wrote Sefer Iyov. Shmuel wrote Sefer Shmuel, Shoftim, and Ruth.

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