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1. The oldest brother who represents the family in their business dealings may buy nice clothing for himself from the money of the estate.
2. A sibling who does not represent the family may not buy any clothing from the money of the estate.
3. The Mishnah discusses people who die without leaving a will.
4. There is a dispute about what happens if there are not enough possessions to distribute to the heirs (and there are young children).
5. There is a dispute about how much of an estate is considered "many possessions."


1. The money he spends on this clothing is not considered part of his portion, since he is wearing nice clothing in order to present himself as a respectable person while dealing on his siblings behalf. However, he should try not to waste so much money when doing so.
2. This Halachah applies even if he will not be very presentable in public if he does not buy new clothing.
3. If there are many possessions to divide, the sons should inherit the estate, and set aside enough money for the girls to be able to be supported until they are married.
4. Tana Kama: The possessions should be set aside to support the girls until they are married, and the sons should ask people for charity. Admon: The boys and girls should both be supported.
5. Some say that "many possessions" is when there is enough property for all of the children to be supported for twelve months. Others say that it must be enough for all of the children to be supported until they reach adulthood.

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