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1. There is a dispute about whether a husband who says that he divorced his wife is believed.
2. The Gemara suggests that in fact there is no argument.
3. Abaye concluded that it was appropriate to treat this as an argument.
4. The Gemara discusses a case of a person who was not known to have brothers, and on his deathbed he said that he had no brothers.
5. While some seem to say that his widow (in #4) may remarry without Chalitzah, Abaye says she must first have Chalitzah.


1. Rebbi Chiya bar Aba in the name of Rebbi Yochanan: He is believed. Rav Yitzchak bar Yosef in the name of Rebbi Yochanan: He is not believed.
2. Rebbi Chiya bar Aba is saying that he is believed from now on, and Rav Yitzchak bar Yosef is saying that he is not believed retroactively (from the time that he says divorced her).
3. Rava agreed that in practice one should suspect that a husband is not believed to say he divorced his wife.
4. However, people in the town said that there were witnesses overseas who said that he had brothers.
5. Even though there are cases where we would say that testimony that is not in front of us is insignificant, we do not say this regarding a grave matter such as letting a widowed woman remarry go without Chalitzah.

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