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1. There was an interesting incident in Beis Choron regarding a man who wanted his father to come to his son's wedding.
2. It became even more interesting when the friend of the host dedicated the entire yard and all of the food to Hekdesh.
3. The Chachamim ruled according to the friend's argument.
4. The Gemara discusses the illustrious students of Hillel.
5. The greatest of Hillel's students was Yonasan ben Uziel.


1. The problem was that the father had forbidden himself from benefitting from the son's possessions. The son, therefore, gave to his friend his yard and food as a present, so that his father could come and benefit from the yard (and food) where the wedding was being held.
2. When the host (the original owner of the yard and food) said that this was wrong, as he only gave these things to his friend so that his father could benefit, the friend claimed that if he never really gave them to him and he could not dedicate them to Hekdesh, the present was invalid in the first place, and his father would have transgressed his vow not to benefit from his son's property.
3. They ruled that if a recipient of a gift does not have the right to dedicate a gift to Hekdesh, it is not a real gift.
4. Thirty students were worthy to have the Shechinah rest upon them like Moshe Rabeinu. Thirty were worthy to have the sun stand still for them as it did for Yehoshua bin Nun.
5. The "smallest" of his students was Rebbi Yochanan ben Zakai, who was an expert in all aspects of Torah (and other areas of wisdom as well).

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