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1. If a man writes in a document that he is giving his wife some of his land as a present, she collects her Kesuvah from the rest of his estate.
2. There is a dispute about what happens if he writes that she receives all of his estate, and then a creditor claims it.
3. There is a dispute about the law in the case of a man who, upon hearing (mistakenly) that his son had died overseas, gave away his estate.
4. Rav Nachman maintains that we rule based on a clear and strong assumption.
5. The Gemara discusses why a person who gives almost all of his land to his sons, and the rest to his wife, is considered as having paid his Kesuvah.


1. In other words, his present is valid, and she is still able to collect her Kesuvah from other parts of his estate. The same applies if he writes a document saying that he is giving her the fruits of some of his properties.
2. Rebbi Eliezer: She may say that she does not want the present, and that she will collect her Kesuvah, being an earlier creditor than the present creditor. Chachamim: She may not collect her Kesuvah, since she has received the estate as a present, and the estate is collateralized to the creditor (but she is still entitled to collect her Kesuvah from property which her husband acquires in the future).
3. Tana Kama: His present is still valid. Rebbi Shimon ben Menasya: It is invalid, as he gave it only because he thought his son was dead.
4. For example, Rav Nachman rules like Rebbi Shimon ben Menasya in the case above, as it is most likely that the person gave away his estate only because he thought his son was dead, and therefore the present is invalid.
5. For example, Rav says that the case is when the husband had his wife acquire most of the land on behalf of their sons, and then her own small portion. Since she willingly executed the acquisition for her sons, it is considered as though she forewent her Kesuvah.

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