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1. The Gemara discusses the case of a dying man who said, "Give my sons a Shekel a week."
2. The Gemara mentions a similar case in which the dying man said, "Only give them a Shekel a week."
3. The ruling in the earlier case (2) applies only when he did not explicitly state that others should inherit this money after his sons die.
4. The Gemara says that one may specify who will inherit his property, and who will inherit it after those heirs.
5. Generally, we rule that a person may retract his words if he does so immediately.


1. If they really need double that amount for their basic expenses, they should be given double that or whatever they need to cover their expenses. This is because the dying person said a Shekel only because he wanted them to use the money he left them for their basic expenses for a long time, and he did not want them to use it up on frivolous things.
2. In this case, they only receive a Shekel a week, even if their basic expenses are more. It is clear that his intent was that they should "only" receive this much from his inheritance every week.
3. In such a case, it is clear that he is limiting their weekly amount from the inheritance to a Shekel, even if their basic expenses are more. By saying that others should inherit, he is showing that he would like money to be left over for others to inherit, implying that they may take only a Shekel a week.
4. Accordingly, if someone says that Reuven should inherit him, and after him Shimon should inherit, and after him Levi should inherit, this is indeed what happens. However, if Shimon dies in Reuven's lifetime, Reuven's heirs inherit the estate.
5. The two exceptions to this rule are Kidushin and Avodah Zarah. If a man said to a woman in front of witnesses that he is betrothing her with this item, and then he gave her an item worth a Perutah, she is Mekudeshes, even if he immediately changes his mind and says that he meant it is a gift and not as Kidushin.

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