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1. Hashem despises a person who dies without a son to inherit him.
2. Rebbi Yochanan: This refers to someone who dies without a student, not without a son.
3. If a person leaves over a son who is as great as he, the verse uses only the term "lying down" to describe his death.
4. If one has a sick person in his family, he should ask a sage to pray for the sick.
5. The daughters of Tzelafchad received three portions in Eretz Yisrael.


1. The Gemara derives this from the fact that the word in the verse, "v'Ha'avartem" ("And you will pass over [inheritance)]") and "Evrah" ("hate") have the same root.
2. In other words, this refers to one who did not teach Torah to others. The Gemara notes that all of Rebbi Yochanan's ten sons died in his lifetime, and since he used to publicize this fact when he comforted mourners, he clearly did not believe that it meant he himself was an evildoer.
3. However, if he did not leave over a son as great as he, the verse says merely that "he died."
4. This is based on a verse in Mishlei that says that a sage is able to take away pain and sickness that is due to Heavenly wrath.
5. They took their father's portion in Eretz Yisrael and their father's portion that he inherited from his father. Since their father was a firstborn, they received the two portions that their father was entitled to receive from his father's portion.

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