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1. The Gemara at first says that a father inherits his son even before the daughter of his son.
2. The Gemara rejects this, and concludes that a daughter inherits her father before her father's father.
3. A father inherits his sons before his son's brothers (i.e., his other sons).
4. The Gemara explains why people inherit only from relatives on their father's side of the family.
5. Yehonasan ben Gershom was the priest for Pesel Michah (the idol of Michah).


1. The Gemara attempts to derive this from the verse, "his relative that is close." The Gemara suggests that this is speaking about a father who is close to his son but not as close as someone else, namely his son's son (but closer than his son's daughter).
2. The Gemara explains that if a son or daughter is able to take the place of his or her deceased father to prevent the mother from falling to Yibum, while the father's father does not prevent this, they must be closer to their father regarding inheritance as well.
3. If the son had no offspring, his father inherits him. If his father is no longer alive, his brothers inherit him.
4. The verse says regarding inheritance, "from his family." We derive from there that one inherits only from "his" family, meaning his father's relatives.
5. He was also the grandson of Moshe Rabeinu. However, the verse that says his grandfather's name was "Menasheh," as he acted in a way that was befitting of King Menasheh, who also worshipped idolatry.

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