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BAVA BASRA 108 (14 Iyar) - Dedicated by HaGaon HaRav Yosef Pearlman of London, England, l'Iluy Nishmas his father, ha'Rabbani Reb Rephael David ben Yosef Yitzchak Pearlman, who passed away on Pesach Sheni 5758


1. The Mishnah discusses four types of relationships that relate to inheritance.
2. For example, a father bequeaths to and inherits from his sons, and sons bequeath to and inherit from their father.
3. A son inherits from his mother but does not bequeath to her.
4. A woman only bequeaths to, but does not inherit from, her son.
5. If a man dies without leaving children, his father inherits him before his brothers.


1. Some people both bequeath to and inherit from a relative, some people do one of these but not the another, and some do neither of these. The Mishnah cites examples of all four types of relationships.
2. Brothers who share a father (even if they are from different mothers) have a similar relationship.
3. A man also inherits from his wife but does not bequeath to her. Similarly, sons of sisters can inherit from their aunt (Rashbam: if their mother is alive when their aunt dies, the mother may receive some of her possessions, and they would receive these possessions when their mother dies).
4. Sons of the same mother do not inherit from, nor bequeath to, each other.
5. However, if the deceased has children, the children are the first ones to inherit their father's estate.

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