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1. The Gemara discusses a case of brothers who divided an inheritance, and their father's creditor seized the portion of one of the brothers.
2. Rav Asi: The division is still valid, but each of the brothers must give one quarter of his portion to the brother.
3. The Gemara explains this argument.
4. The Gemara discusses the case of an argument among assessors sent by Beis Din to determine the value of assets.
5. If a person says he is selling half of his field, they estimate how much the field is worth and the buyer takes half.


1. Rav: The entire division of the inheritance is null and void and must be recalculated. Shmuel: The brother whose portion was seized has lost his inheritance and has no recourse.
2. The brothers may choose whether to give the cash value of one quarter of their portion, or one quarter of their portion.
3. Rav: The brothers are all considered heirs even after the division, and are, therefore, all collectively responsible for their father's debt. Shmuel: They are considered as buyers when they apportion the estate, and have a clean break from each other's portion. Rav Asi is unsure about which of these opinions is correct, and therefore he compromises.
4. Tana Kama: If two out of three assessors estimate the same value, the Beis Din uses that value. If they all say different values, the middle value is used. Rebbi Eliezer b'Rebbi Tzadok and Acherim each have their own opinions regarding calculating the final estimate.
5. The seller has a right to take the better quality land (this means that the buyer receives a larger piece of land but of a lesser quality).

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