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1. Ben Nanas: When two contradictory terms are used consecutively in a sale, the second term overrides the first.
2. There was an incident in which a person rented a bathhouse for a year for twelve gold coins, but it was a leap year.
3. The Chachamim disagree with Ben Nanas (#1).
4. If a person says, "He is selling a Kor (30 Se'ah) for 30 Sela, a Sela per Se'ah," each Se'ah is a separate deal.
5. Rav rules like Ben Nanas (#1).


1. Accordingly, if someone says, "approximately a Beis Kor, an exact measurement," the measurement must be exact.
2. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel and Rebbi Yosi ruled that the owner and renter should split the amount for the additional month.
3. They are unsure about which term the seller meant more. Therefore, they assume that the seller meant to say whatever is to his advantage, and the ruling is determined by the term that is most favorable for the seller.
4. Therefore, if a person started to take a few Se'ah and now wants to retract, he has already finished the transaction for the few Se'ah that he took and he must pay a Sela for each. However, had the seller said merely, "a Kor for 30 Sela," the buyer could have retracted from the transaction until he took the entire 30 Se'ah.
5. Rav ruled like this in a case where two prices were named and an acquisition was made. Rav ruled that the last price mentioned was the real price.

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