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1. A person may separate Terumah from one barrel of his wine in order to exempt many barrels of his wine from Terumah.
2. The Beraisa discusses what happens when one realizes that the contents of the barrel he has been using for separating Terumah is spoiled.
3. Any Terumah that was taken within three days of the last good result from a "taste test" of the Terumah wine barrel is valid.
4. Terumah separated three days before a negative taste test is clearly invalid, but Terumah separated before these three days is subject to doubt.
5. There is a dispute about the responsibility of a seller who sold a barrel of wine that was later found to be spoiled.


1. As long as the wine is fresh, and therefore all of the barrels are considered wine and not vinegar, one may separate Terumah from one barrel of wine in order to ensure that all of his wine is not Tevel (untithed and, therefore, forbidden).
2. Whenever a person separates Terumah from one barrel of wine for other barrels, it is appropriate to ascertain first that it is indeed wine by tasting it. If wine in a barrel spoils, it no longer may be used as Terumah for other wine.
3. However, if one separated Terumah but did not taste the wine used for Terumah within the three days after the last positive taste test, and then he realized that the wine was spoiled, all Terumah separated after these three days is doubtful Terumah.
4. This is the opinion of Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi, who says that a negative taste test from wine of a barrel used as Terumah means that the wine has been vinegar already for three days. Therefore, all Terumah separated from it in the last three days in order to exempt other wine barrels is invalid.
5. Rav: If this is discovered within three days of the purchase in the house of the buyer, he may get his money back, as this is deemed a mistaken purchase (since it was already turning bad in the possession of the seller). Shmuel: Wine depends on the Mazal of the person who owns it. Therefore, he cannot get his money back.

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