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1. A field bought from one's father and then consecrated to Hekdesh may still be considered an inheritance.
2. Rebbi Meir argues that this (#1) is incorrect.
3. A large tree is sometimes considered a tree and sometimes considered land.
4. A bundle of grain that is the size of two Se'ah (a large measure) is considered a pile for the law of Shichechah.
5. However, this "pile" (#4) is considered a bundle in a certain case.


1. If his father dies, even after the son consecrates the field to Hekdesh, Rebbi Yehudah and Rebbi Shimon say that this field has the special laws of an inherited field (i.e., it can be redeemed by the owner at a special price from Hekdesh). Of course, this is true only if the field had belonged to his father as his (or his ancestors') portion in Eretz Yisrael.
2. Rebbi Meir says that it is considered an inherited field only if the father died before the son consecrated the field to Hekdesh.
3. It is considered a tree with regard to the law that if a person sells three trees, he includes in the sale a certain amount of land between the trees. It is considered a separate piece of land, as it is not presumed to be sold together with a field that is sold with its trees, unless the seller explicitly includes it in the sale.
4. In other words, the Mitzvah of Shichechah (not going back to collect one or two bundles of grain that were harvested and then forgotten and that must be left in the field for the poor) does not apply to a bundle that contains two Se'ah of grain. It is considered a pile, not a bundle.
5. If there are two small, forgotten bundles next to this very large pile of grain that contains two Se'ah, the other two bundles are considered to be together with a third bundle, and, therefore, all three bundles are exempt from Shichechah.
Produce is considered Shichechah only when it is two sheaves or less.

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