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1. The Mishnah discusses the sale of a city.
2. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel: If someone sells a city, he also sells the "Santar."
3. The Mishnah discusses the sale of a field.
4. All produce that is still connected to the ground is included in the sale of a field.
5. Even when the seller says that he is selling "the field and everything in it," certain things are not included.


1. The sale of a city includes all structures but not movable objects. However, if one said, "and everything in it," even the animals and servants in the city are included.
2. The Gemara quotes one opinion that this refers to the civil servant ("sentry") who knows the borders of the properties in the city. Others say that it is the town watchman. A third opinion is that it refers to the fields surrounding the city.
3. Even though previous Mishnayos stated that movable objects are not included in sales of other entities (such as houses) without saying, "and everything in it," some movable objects that never leave a field and are there solely for the purpose of the field are automatically included in the sale.
4. The produce is included in the sale even when it is fully grown and ready to be harvested, despite the rule that "whatever is ready to be harvested is as if it has already been harvested."
5. For example, a very old tree that is already well known, and which undergoes grafting in order to support it, is not included in the sale, as it is considered a separate entity.

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