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1. The Gemara discusses the objects that different types of people keep underneath their beds.
2. When Rebbi Bana'ah was marking graves, he entered the burial cave of Avraham Avinu (in the Me'aras ha'Machpelah).
3. The Gemara contrasts the beauty of Sarah Imenu, Chavah, and Adam.
4. A man left all of his possessions to his son, but he did not specify which one.
5. Rebbi Bana'ah figured out a way to determine the identity of the real son.


1. Under the bed of a Torah scholar only shoes are found, because an evil spirit rests on items under one's bed. Underneath the bed of an ignoramus is an entire storehouse of items.
2. He actually saw Avraham Avinu there. When he wanted to enter the area where Adam ha'Rishon was buried, a Heavenly voice declared that he was not allowed to see Adam.
3. The Gemara says that in terms of beauty, everyone was like a monkey compared to Sarah, Sarah was like a monkey compared to Chavah, and Chavah was like a monkey compared to Adam.
4. The reason why he did so was that all of the sons were not his, except for one. However, he did not name his real son.
5. He told all of the "sons" to go to their father's grave and hit it until he comes back and reveals who is the real son. One son did not go because he said that he could not hit his father's grave. Rebbi Bana'ah declared that he must be the true son.

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