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BAVA METZIA 107 - Dedicated by Eddie and Esther Turkel of N.Y. and family


If a person wants to ruin his field he should rotate crops from year to year or plant one year in one direction and the next year in the next direction.
If he plows after the harvest and again before he may rotate crops or plant in different directions from year to year and it will not ruin his field.
In Eretz Yisrael if a lease holder was instructed to plant grain he may not plant legumes, however in Bavel it is permitted according to the Rabanan. (1)
If a tree is planted on the border between two fields Rav holds that the tree belongs to the field where the roots of the tree are pointed in that direction, while Shmuel holds that the fruit is divided between them.
If the tree fills the entire border and the roots are pointed in both directions Rav agrees that the fruit of the tree is divided between them even if the fruit is hanging towards one side.
Rav says a person shall not buy a field that is close to the city because of the concern of Ayin Ha'Ra unless it is surrounded by a fence.
It is forbidden to stand next to his friend's field when the grain of the field is ripe and had not yet been harvested because of the because of the concern of Ayin Ha'Ra.
Rav holds that a person shall buy a house near a Beis ha'Keneses, while R. Yochanan holds that a house that is a distance from a Beis Ha'Keneses is preferable because a person is rewarded for the steps he takes while walking to the Beis Ha'Keneses.
Rav says ninety nine out of a hundred people die as a result of Ayin Ha'Ra, while Shmuel holds all death are the result of harmful winds.
According to Shmuel even a person who was put to death by the Malchus if it wasn't for the harmful winds he would have survived if he would have been given medicine.
R. Chanina says everything is from Heaven except for cold and heat.
There are eighty three potential sicknesses that stem from the gallbladder but the sicknesses are avoided by eating bread with salt and water in the morning.
Eating bread in the morning is beneficial for thirteen things.
A person should not be frivolous with measurements because every small piece of land is suitable for growing Kurkema.
Rav says it is not necessary to be exact when measuring four Amos on the banks of streams, but on the banks of a river the four Amos should be given generously by estimate. (2)
Trees shall be cut down on both sides of a river in the width that is needed for the shoulders of those that pull ships with ropes. (3)


1. In Eretz Yisrael it is forbidden because legumes weaken the land more than grain, however in Bavel there is no concern for the weakening of the land because the land in Bavel is very moist. However, R. Shimon Ben Gamliel holds that even in Bavel it is forbidden because rotating crops is bad for the land and maybe the owner planted grain the previous year.
2. The owners of the fields along the water must leave four Amos unplanted on the banks of a stream or a river so that the banks of the river or stream will not fall in, however since a stream is the property of individuals and individuals may be Mochel we do not have to be exact with the measurements, however a river is the property of the public and therefore we should generously estimate the four Amos without measuring it because the public can't be Mochel.
3. The people that pull ships with ropes must angle their shoulders away from the water so that they will not be pulled into the river and therefore the trees on both sides of the river must be chopped down as far as he needs for his shoulders.


Rav says ninety nine out of a hundred people die as a result of Ayin ha'Ra. Tosfos asks if so Shevet Levi should have exceptional longevity since they are protected from Ayin Ha'Ra and yet we don't find that to be the case! Tosfos answers that since Shevet Yosef do not die from Ayin Ha'Ra they die instead from natural causes and when Hashem Yisbarach wants them to die He afflicts them with illnesses.


When measuring land between bothers or partners one must be exact with the measurement according to the principles of the wisdom of Gematriya because even a finger width of Karka should be looked at as if it is full of Kurkema. (Shulchan Aruch CM 231:16)
The wisdom of Gematriya is the wisdom of measurements and about this wisdom Chazal taught is that Tekufos and Gematriyos are appetizers to Chachmah. (Sma in the name of the Magid Mishnah)

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