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When Hashem Yisborach will purify the Shevatim the Shevet of Levi will be purified first
Hashem is charitable with Klal Yisrael and a Pasul family who is mixed in with Klal Yisrael will not be separated.
The Jews who live in Chutz la'Eretz are regarded as Safek Pasulim compared to the Jews in Eretz Yisra’el and the Jews is Eretz Yisra’el are regarded as Safek Pasulim compared to the Jews in Bavel.
A bird does not require Shechitah Min ha'Torah.
In the future Eliyahu ha’Navi will separate the families that everyone knows are Pasul, but a family that their Pesul is no longer known will not be separated
If someone vows that I will be a Nazir f I don’t publicize families who are Pasul he should be a Nazir and not publicize it.
The meaning of the four letter name of name of Hashem should be obscured.
The four letter name of name of Hashem is not pronounced the same way that it is written.
The twelve letter name of Hashem is known only by the pious Kohanim and they recited it furtively in the blessing of the Koahnim in the Bais ha'Mikdash. (1)
The forty two letter name of Hashem shall not be taught to anyone unless he is modest, middle aged, doesn’t anger or drink and doesn’t harbor resentments. (2)
Someone who is from Bavel is Muchak that he is of Kosher lineage unless we know differently
Someone from other lands is Muchak that he is of Pasul lineage unless we know differently.
Someone who is from Eretz Yisra’el if is Muchak that he is of Kosher lineage he is Kosher if he is Meuchzah that he is of Pasul lineage he is Pasul. (3)
Ezra took all of the Pasulei Kahal with him for Bavel to Eretz Yisra’el and the people left in Bavel were Kosher like fine sifted flour.
A person’s silence when confronted with a dispute is proof that his lineage is Kosher. (4)
If we find two people or two families are fighting with each other one of them must have a Pesul and Heaven is not allowing them to intermarry with each other.
Most ill people live but most Gosesim (critically ill) die.


1. While the Kohanim who did not know the twelve letter name of Hashem recited the four letter name of Hashem with a song they recited furtively the 12 letter name of Hashem so that it will not be heard by anyone.
2. Someone who knows the forty two letter name of Hashem and is careful with it and guards it with purity is loved up above and is precious down below and his fear is placed on others and he inherit this world and the next.
3. If he doesn’t have a Chazakah one way or another his lineage should be investigated before one gives him his daughter for matrimony, however if he already married and he was not investigated it is not necessary to investigate him.
4. A person who is of Pasul lineage is very resentful as a result of the fact that others won’t intermarry with him and he and becomes very confrontational.


R. Yehoshuah Ben Levi says that Kesef purifies Mamze’irim. Rashi says that the Mamze’irim intermarried with Kosher families by way of their money and in the future they will not be separated since they are already mixed in with other families. However, the Rif learns that R. Yehoshuah Ben Levi holds like R. Tarfon who said preciously that Mamze’irim can becomes Tahor by means of marry a maidservant. The child born from a maidservant it is a servant and when he is freed he is a Yisra’el and he not a Mamazer. Therefore with Kesef a Mamzer can buy a maidservant and marry her and than his children will be Tahor.


All families are b’Chazakas Kosher and it is permitted to marry them from them l’Chatchilah even so if you see two families fighting with one another or two people fighting with one another or you see a family which is constantly in confrontations with others or you see a person who is constantly fighting with everyone and is very brazen one should be suspicious of his lineage and stay away for them because these things are Simanei Pesul. (Shulchan Aruch EH 2:2)

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