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KIDUSHIN 3 - dedicated by a Talmid of Rabbi Kornfeld in Chicago. May Hashem bestow upon him and his wife Berachah in all their endeavors, and Yiddishe Nachas and joy from their dear children.


An Esrog is Chayav in Ma'aser in accordance with the year that it was picked just like vegetables because it is watered by hand just like vegetables. (1)
A Koy is a Safek Beheimah and Safek Chayah and therefore regarding certainly Dinim it shares the status of a Beheimah and regarding other Dinim it shares the status of a Chayah. (2)
One of the similarities between a Get and a Get Shichrur is that a Shali'ach who brings a Get from Medinas ha'Yam must say B'Fanai Nichtav and B'Fanai Nichtam.
It is a Machlokes if Chupah is a valid Kinyan for Kidushin.
A Kinyan Chalipin is a valid Kinyan for the acquisition of a property but it is not a valid Kinyan for Kidushin.
A Kinyan Chalipin is effective even if the object used for the Kinyan is worth less than a Perutah.
The object used for Kidushin must be worth at least a Perutah.
A Yevamah goes out only with Chalitzah not with a Get and a wife goes out only with a Get.
A father has the right to b e Mekadesh his daughter (if she is less than 12 ½) with Kesef, Shtar, or Bi'ah and the Kesef Kidushin belongs to him.
A Na'arah (a 12-12½) year old girl) may accept her own Kidushin but the Kesef Kidushin belongs to the father.
The handiwork a Na'arah belongs to her father.
If a Na'arah is raped the Boshes and Pegam (payment for the embarrassment and damages) is given to the father along with the 50 Shekalim of Knas.


1. An Esrog is similar to vegetables that rainwater is not sufficient and it requires additionally irrigation. Therefore it shares the same Din as vegetables and if it was picked in the first or second year of Shemitah it is Chayav in Ma'aser Sheni but if it was picked in the third year of Shemitah it is Chayav in Ma'aser Ani.
2. It requires Kisuy ha'Dam (covering the blood of Shechitah) like a Chayah and its Chelev is forbidden like a Beheimah. Regarding Shechitah a Koy has the Din of both a Beheimah and a Chayah and regarding Harva'ah (breeding) it is not like a Beheimah or a Chayah and it may not be breeded with either a Beheimah or a Chayah because of the prohibition of Kilayim,


The Gemara says that the Minyan of the Reisha excludes Chupah and the Minyan of the Seifa excludes Chalitzah. The Ra'avad asks why the Mishnah does not state a Minyan with respect to Yevamah in order to exclude Kesef and Bi'ah in the Reisha and to exclude Get in the Seifa. The Ramban answers that the Minyan in the beginning of the Mishnah also includes Yevamah.


A Kinyan Chalipin is only Koneh with a Kli and it is Koneh even though it is not worth a Perutah, but it must be made from something Chashuv and not from dung. The Kinyan is not valid if it is forbidden to derive benefit from it and it is not valid with fruit or with a coin. (Shulchan Aruch CM 195:2)

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