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KIDUSHIN 2 (Tishrei 11) - sponsored by Hillel and Elisheva (Ali) Kagan of Baltimore. May Hashem bless them with a year of Berachah and joy, and all of their prayers should be answered "l'Tovah"!


A woman is acquired for Kidushin in one of three methods, Kesef. Shtar or Bi'ah.
Beis Shamai says that a Dinar or the value of a Dinar is the minimum amount required for Kidushei Kesef and Beis Hillel says that a Perutah or the value of a Perutah is sufficient.
A woman may acquire herself by means of a Get or the death of her husband.
A Yevamah is acquired with Bi'ah and may acquire herself with a Get or with the death of the Yavam.
The death of a husband is a Kinyan from Heaven.
A Kidushin is only valid if it is done with the consent of the woman.
A Zav who emits Zivah as a result of an Ones is not Tamei and he is examined for seven possible causes. (1)
A Zavah is Tamei even if she saw blood as a result of an Ones.
It is usual for a man to search for a wife and not vice versa; a wife is akin to a lost object and the one who lost the object is the one who searches for it. (2)
An Esrog shares the same status as other fruit regarding three Dinim and shares the status of a vegetable regarding one Din. (3)


1. Too much eating or drinking, an illness, a heavy load, jumping, something he saw or thought about.
2. A wife is the lost rib that was removed from Adam ha'Rishon.
3. The denim of Orlah and Reva'i apply to an Esrog just like other fruit and with respect to Shevi'is if it started blooming on the seventh year it has Kedushas Shevi'is just like other fruit. However it is Chayav in Ma'aser in accordance with the year that it was picked just like vegetables; if it was picked in the second year it is Chayav in Ma'aser Sheni and if it was picked in the third year it is Chayav in Ma'aser Ani, unlike trees which is Chayav in Ma'aser in accordance with the year that it started blooming.


A Kidushin is only valid if it is done with the consent of the woman. The Meiri says that if the woman consented to the Kidushin under duress it is not a valid Kidushin. Not only if she was forced at the time of the Kidushin and she reluctantly accepted the money of Kidushin but even if her arm was twisted prior to the Kidushin until she consented and she subsequently willingly accepted the Kidushin since she only accepted the Kidushin as a result of being forced it is not a valid Kidushin.


Prior to Matan Torah if a man met a woman in the street and they both agreed to marry he brings her into his house has relations with her privately and she is his wife. Once the Torah was given Klal Yisrael was commanded that if one wants to marry a woman he must acquire her first in front of witnesses and afterwards she is his wife. (Rambam Hilchos Ishus 1:1)
Regarding Nochris a wife is acquired with mere Yichus and as soon as he has relations with her she is an Eshes Ish. (Magid Mishneh)

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