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SHABBOS 95 (17 Sivan) - Today's Dafyomi study is dedicated to the memory of Moshe Grun (Moshe Shlomo ben Michael Z"L), by his good friends in Los Angeles, New York, and Jerusalem.


1. Braiding hair on Shabbos is prohibited. It is considered an act of Boneh, building.
2. Making cheese on Shabbos is prohibited. It is considered an act of Boneh, building.
3. One who removes the honey from a honeycomb on Shabbos is liable for Kotzer, harvesting.
4. A smart woman realizes how she can prevent her floor from becoming dusty on Shabbos.
5. There is a dispute about whether picking fruit growing from a pot with a hole on the bottom is considered an act of Kotzer.


1. This is derived from the verse in the account of Creation that says that Hashem creation "built" the woman (Chavah). Rebbi Shimon ben Menasya understands this to mean that He braided her hair and presented her to Adam. From here we learn that braiding is considered an act of building.
2. Milking an animal is forbidden on Shabbos, as it is considered Mefarek.
3. Rebbi Eliezer derives this from the verse that describes Yonasan's act of taking honey from a honeycomb as taking honey from "a forest of honey." Just as one who cuts wood and fruit from a forest desecrates Shabbos, one who takes honey from a honeycomb is considered to be harvesting on Shabbos. The Chachamim say this is a Rabbinic prohibition.
4. If she washes pots or cups in different places in her home, the water that falls down causes the dust to solidify. Since her intention is to wash dishes, this act is permitted, since the secondary result of settling the dust is a Davar she'Eino Miskaven.
5. The Tana Kama: It is considered an act of Kotzer. Rebbi Shimon: It is not considered an act of Kotzer. Both agree that according to Torah law, if a pot has no hole on the bottom, picking fruit from the plant in the pot is not considered an act of Kotzer.

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