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1. There is a dispute about whether the principle that "a living being carries himself" applies only to people or also to animals.
2. Rebbi Nasan admits that this principle (#1) does not apply if the living being is tied up.
3. The Gemara explains Rebbi Shimon's position (93b) regarding carrying pieces of a dead person.
4. Rav Nachman allowed a corpse to be carried in a Karmelis.
5. The Gemara cites many ways in which a Metzora will transgress a negative prohibition by removing signs of his Tzara'as.


1. The Rabanan: It applies only to people, and therefore one is liable for carrying a live animal or bird on Shabbos. Rebbi Nasan: It applies to animals and birds as well.
2. In such a case, whether it is an animal, bird, or person (see Rashi), one would be liable for carrying it on Shabbos.
3. Not only does Rebbi Shimon maintain that one who carries a k'Zayis of a corpse (for example, to take away Tum'ah from a certain area) is not liable for carrying, he also says that according to Torah law carrying a corpse outside in order to ready it for burial does not make one liable for carrying.
4. Rav Nachman permitted carrying a corpse in a Karmelis when it was an area where the body risked being treated disrespectfully. Human honor overrides a Rabbinic prohibition.
5. For example, if he pulls out one of the two white hairs that are a sign of Tzara'as, or he burns healthy skin near his Tzara'as, he transgresses this prohibition.

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