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Shabbos 93 (15 SIvan) - This Daf as been dedicated by Rabbi Kornfeld in honor of the marriage of his daughter Leah Bracha to Moshe Tzvi Marcus (of Har Nof) on 10 Sivan 5780. May they be Zocheh to build together a Bayis Ne'eman b'Yisarel and see Doros Yesharim Mevorachim!


1. There is a dispute about whether a person who follows a mistaken ruling of Beis Din must bring a Korban Chatas.
2. Two people carry an object together. One could have carried it by himself, and one could not have carried it by himself. Rav Chisda says that the one who could have carried it by himself is liable.
3. The Gemara quotes many sources that prove that unnecessary support is insignificant.
4. One who carries an insignificant amount of food in a vessel is not liable for carrying the food or the vessel.
5. Carrying a live person on a bed on Shabbos is not considered carrying.


1. The case is where Beis Din mistakenly ruled that forbidden fat is permitted, and a person ate it before Beis Din retracted its ruling. Rebbi Yehudah says that he does not have to bring a Korban, since it was not his fault that he sinned. Rebbi Shimon says that he must bring a Korban to atone for eating the forbidden fat.
2. This is because the one who could have carried it by himself essentially did so. The one who could not have carried it by himself is considered to have done nothing, since unnecessary support is not considered a significant act.
3. One proof is from the law of Kabalas ha'Dam of a Korban. Even though one must perform Kabalas ha'Dam with his right hand, if his left hand supported the right hand but such support was not needed, the service is still considered valid.
4. Even though the vessel is something that people normally carry, in this situation the purpose of carrying the vessel is for the sake of the insignificant amount food inside of it. Hence, the vessel is deemed to have no significance, and he is not liable.
5. There is a concept that "a living being carries himself," and since the bed is secondary to the person, it is not considered an act of carrying for which one is liable.

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