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1. The Gemara discusses the case of a person who designated a small amount of an item as significant, and then forgot that he did so.
2. A person cannot designate a larger amount than what is normal for carrying.
3. Even if a person intended to use what he was carrying for one purpose when he picked it up, but for a different purpose when he put it down, he is liable.
4. A person is not liable for carrying from a private domain to a public domain through a Karmelis, if the item came to rest in the Karmelis.
5. There is a dispute about whether many small items contained in a vessel are judged as part of the vessel.


1. If he carries that small amount, he is liable even if he does not remember that he considered it significant. Whenever a person performs an action with an item, we assume it is based on his original intent about that item unless he specifically expresses a change of intent.
2. For example, a person cannot say or think that only if he carries all of the contents of his house together will it be a significant act of carrying. The normal amount of an item that is considered significant is the amount that makes a person liable. A person can designate only a smaller amount as significant, not a larger amount.
3. As long as the amount that he is carrying meets the minimum amount required for both purposes (i.e. eating and planting), he will be liable.
4. If the item did not come to rest in the Karmelis but rather was carried through the Karmelis, the Tama Kama (in the Beraisa) maintains that he is liable. Ben Azai maintains that he is exempt.
5. For example, a person carries a box full of seeds and places part of it down in an area where he would be liable for carrying. If the seeds are viewed as individual entities, then he would be liable for carrying the seeds into the second domain. However, if they are viewed as part of the box, then he would not be liable since the box did not fully leave the first domain.

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