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1. Carrying even a small amount of certain items makes one liable for carrying on Shabbos.
2. A person who carries a box containing many of the same or similar prohibited items is liable for only one prohibition.
3. Eating a live grasshopper (even if it is Kosher) is forbidden by the prohibition of Bal Teshaktzu.
4. A person can designate a minute amount as significant, and thereby become liable for carrying it on Shabbos.
5. If a person changes his mind about designating a small amount as significant, the change is effective.


1. For example, fragrant spices, some metals, and certain other items require only a minute amount for one to be liable for carrying.
2. The Mishnah says that if a person carries a peddler's box containing many different bundles of perfume, he is liable only for one prohibition of carrying.
3. The verse of "Al Teshaktzu" prohibits one from doing things that are considered disgusting to most people. Accordingly, when Rav Kahana put a live grasshopper in front of his mouth, Rav told him not to do so lest people think he was going to eat it and thereby transgress the prohibition of Bal Teshaktzu.
4. Usually, many seeds are required to constitute an amount for which one is liable for carrying on Shabbos. However, if a person deems one seed important enough to carry on Shabbos, he is liable for carrying that one seed.
5. For example, if a person carried out a single seed and then decided that it was not worth bothering with a single plant on its own, he would not be liable to bring a Korban Chatas for accidentally bringing it back into his house.

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